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Superior Products Through Exclusive Focus

We only work with one product.  The Oracle Pension Solution.

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Oracle Pension Implementation Services

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Our on-site delivery model results in better knowledge transfer, greater internal ownership and more successful rollout.


Our resources are the best in the business.  Learn more about our key personnel.


We have custom developed, Oracle Pension-specific tools and utilities that facilitate implementation, testing and maintenance.


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Looking for our blog?  We are in the process of re-deploying our website.  Check back soon to get access to all of the Oracle Pension-related information.


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We have recently delivered a comprehensive technical training program to a large commercial customer.  In addition to customized instruction, this program includes extended training manuals, follow-up exercise sets with answer keys, and a custom training database instance loaded with training data.


At PensionSmart, our philosophy is simple: Deliver the best solutions and services possible for the PeopleSoft Pension Administration product. To do this, we have started from the ground up, focusing all of our energy at every decision on this single goal.

To provide the best services, we have developed and proven a product-specific implementation methodology. We identify very specialized resources, train them and season them with project experience. We have also developed our own proprietary tools suite, designed exclusively to facilitate implementation and management of your Pension Administration product.

We don’t support other PeopleSoft products. We don’t use subcontracted resources. How can we exist with such a narrow focus? The question we ask is, “How can anyone else provide quality services without this kind of focus?”

The PeopleSoft Pension Administration product is a very complex software module. Working with a variety of different products would detract from any consultant’s specialization and expertise, and that would defy our philosophy. When we are faced with any business decision, we simply ask, “What answer is most in line with our philosophy?”

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