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Managing array sizing should not be a guessing game.

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COBOL Array Sizing

Managing your COBOL array sizing is an important part of owning your PeopleSoft Pension Administration software. Setting array bounds too high wastefully increases processing loads and makes your system less efficient. But when a calculation unexpectedly exceeds the bounds of a COBOL array, the process fails, resulting in cryptic error messages and requiring complicated trouble shooting.
The Array Analysis Utility is designed to investigate parameter setup and employee data for the potential to exceed defined array sizes. Potential problems are identified with varying severity of warning messages. Technical information is provided about the array grouping and usage and a prescription for problem avoidance and resolution is provided.
While managing arrays is a critical component of owning your software implementation, the delivered software product provides no utility to support this important task. This tool is built entirely within the PeopleTools suite as a “bolt-on” project, facilitating one of the most problematic elements of managing your software implementation. Without this tool, developers are blindly estimating values and they would be unable to measure efficiency of their array sizing.

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