Approach - Project Mapping

The Project Plan should be as unique as your Project.

Templates have a place in any repeatable methodology.  But your Pension Plan is unique and the map to implement calculation and administration software should match that. 

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Oracle Pension Implementation Services

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Our on-site delivery model results in better knowledge transfer, greater internal ownership and more successful rollout.


Our resources are the best in the business.  Learn more about our key personnel.


We have custom developed, Oracle Pension-specific tools and utilities that facilitate implementation, testing and maintenance.


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Looking for our blog?  We are in the process of re-deploying our website.  Check back soon to get access to all of the Oracle Pension-related information.


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We have recently delivered a comprehensive technical training program to a large commercial customer.  In addition to customized instruction, this program includes extended training manuals, follow-up exercise sets with answer keys, and a custom training database instance loaded with training data.

Project Mapping

Planning a project isn’t just about leveling resources to accomplish a list of tasks.  It requires more than taking a plan document and building a list of requirements.  In the world of Defined Benefits Administration Software, project planning requires knowing your resources, your legacy systems, your data sources, your infrastructure and your requirements.  Planning the implementation of the PSPA product requires an understanding of your product, your plans, your development personnel and your end users.

What makes PensionSmart’s project mapping different than our competitors?  First of all, we work with our customers, so when we build our development plan we are incorporating a certain level of knowledge transfer along every step of the development path.  Secondly, we sincerely believe in prototyping.  Our goal is to build the basic elements of your administrative system early on, allowing users early access to gain practical experience and provide feedback for functionality and interfacing.  Our prototyping model also demands testing of incremental elements along the way, producing solid and certified components to build on.

There is a natural progression of any pension calculation and resultant output.  There is the same progression of the functionality that is developed to produce these calculations systematically.  Our project mapping methodology is a highly evolved process that incorporates the most successful practices from our experiences with customers like you.

If you plan your design, development, testing, training and roll-out all as distinct components, your project is going to require much more time and effort.  If you are able to incorporate all of these elements into a comprehensive implementation plan, your resources will be better trained and self-supporting, your product will be more robust and you will save time and money.

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