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We have custom developed, Oracle Pension-specific tools and utilities that facilitate implementation, testing and maintenance.


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Parameter Analysis

Within the PeopleSoft Pension Administration product, business rule parameters are the building blocks of the software implementation. Building a parameter hierarchy is the cornerstone to the utility suite.
This populated utility allows a developer to quickly identify where a parameter is used. This is the most valuable tool in the collection. This allows a developer to avoid changing a parameter and having an unintended or negative impact on the system processes. It also allows a developer to find all the places a change needs to be made, or to trace a parameter with a known problem. It can also help you certify that it is safe to delete a parameter.

How does this utility work? The tool provides a process known as the parameter usage explosion. This process searches for all parameter references and stores them in a format accessible by other utility components and as a tree, accessible by the PeopleSoft tree manager. This process can be re-run after parameter updates are made to re-analyze the hierarchy.

Diagram of how the Parameter Hierarchy is populated

Parameters included in this utility

401(a)17 Parameters
Database Aliases
Auto Assign Aliases (Function Result Aliases)
Actuarial Assumption Sets
Active/Inactive Jobs
Action/Reason Codes
Service Break Definitions
Benefit Plans
Custom Statement Aliases
Consolidated Earnings Definition
Consolidated Hours Definition
Consolidated Contributions Definition
COBOL Modifications
Date Conversion Options
Plan Eligibility Definition
Plan Participation Definition
Service Definition
Vesting Definition
Benefit Eligibility Definition
Final Average Earnings Definition
Cash Balance Definition
Employee Accounts Definition
Social Security Definition
Covered Compensation Definition
Early/Late Adjustment Definition
Death Coverage Definition
Benefit Formula Definition
Employee Paid Benefit Definition
Duration Option
Optional Forms Definition
415 Limits Parameter Definition
Date Alias
Duration Alias
Payroll Earnings Code
Factor Aliases
Function Results
Group Definitions
HR Action/Reason Category
Interest Method
Mortality Rates
Order Plans
Payroll Deduction Code
Projection Method
Date Round Option
Status Code Definition
Service Definition - Elapsed Time
Service Definition - Hours Counting
Service Definition - Hours Equivalence
Payroll Special Accumulator
Spouse Eligibility
Service Schedule
Table Lookup Alias
User Code
SQL View

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