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Configuration Approach Will Greatly Impact the Efficiency of Your Pension System.

Our experience with this product has allowed us to develop a proven approach to rules configuration that results in a more maintainable and more efficient calculation and administration system.

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Oracle Pension Implementation Services

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Our on-site delivery model results in better knowledge transfer, greater internal ownership and more successful rollout.


Our resources are the best in the business.  Learn more about our key personnel.


We have custom developed, Oracle Pension-specific tools and utilities that facilitate implementation, testing and maintenance.


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Looking for our blog?  We are in the process of re-deploying our website.  Check back soon to get access to all of the Oracle Pension-related information.


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We have recently delivered a comprehensive technical training program to a large commercial customer.  In addition to customized instruction, this program includes extended training manuals, follow-up exercise sets with answer keys, and a custom training database instance loaded with training data.

System Configuration

Configuration services deliver the basic setup of your plan rules. This is how we describe the structure that allows your system to retrieve data, calculate your benefits, produce output and interface with other systems.
Key facets of our approach to configuration include prototyping, phased delivery of functionality and early introduction of user testing. Through this approach, we drive early acceptance, better administrative practices, a more robust system and better trained resources on your administrative team. These simple differences create a foundation for a more successful implementation.
We have found that involving customer resources early and more wholly, effectively utilizes the best resources for those parts of the configuration. This method saves time and money through earlier identification of issues, accounting for undocumented administrative practices, giving early exposure to system users and utilizing functional experts for system output review and testing.
If you would like to find out more about basic configuration services and why our methodology is so successful, contact us (or one of our customers) for more information. We’d be happy to explain our process and how it might fit for your organization.

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