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Why can't our internal resources figure this out?

You need custom training that is tailored to your needs. 

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Oracle Pension Implementation Services

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Our on-site delivery model results in better knowledge transfer, greater internal ownership and more successful rollout.


Our resources are the best in the business.  Learn more about our key personnel.


We have custom developed, Oracle Pension-specific tools and utilities that facilitate implementation, testing and maintenance.


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Looking for our blog?  We are in the process of re-deploying our website.  Check back soon to get access to all of the Oracle Pension-related information.


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We have recently delivered a comprehensive technical training program to a large commercial customer.  In addition to customized instruction, this program includes extended training manuals, follow-up exercise sets with answer keys, and a custom training database instance loaded with training data.


What is the point of having a leading edge software solution if you cannot operate or maintain it on your own? Too many times, we see complex software implementations that are dependent on outside services for maintenance, modification and in some cases, routine operational tasks.

No one knows your plan rules better than your administrative staff. PensionSmart can train your resources in the operation of your system for administrative tasks. We also have tried and tested training programs for maintaining your system. Our custom Implementation and Configuration course, as well as our Advanced Development Tasks course will build the skills and understanding that your resources need to truly own your implementation. And owning these customized courses means that you can administer them to new employees whenever you need to.

Let us tailor a training program to meet your needs.

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